If you’re a patient at our practice you can now use the new NHS App, a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet.

You can use the NHS App to get health advice, book or cancel appointments, order repeat prescriptions, view your GP health record and more.

If you already use Systmonline you can continue to use it. You can use the NHS App as well.

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Repeat Prescriptions

Prescriptions of medicines taken regularly can be obtained without seeing your doctor provided that the doctor has agreed to this. All repeat prescriptions are held on computer. Please post or deliver your repeat prescription computer slip to the surgery.

Prescriptions may also be ordered using our online service – If you do not have a login, please fill in the online account request form and/or visit the surgery with photo ID and request an online account.

If you have a SystmOnline account click on the link at the top of this page.

You can also order your repeat medications by downloading the NHS App to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

Not Registered for Online Services?


Please allow 5 working days from the time of ordering before collecting from Collingham or Thorner. Requests are only processed Monday to Friday 08:00 to 18:00 hours and NOT out of these hours, e.g. requests sent at the weekend are processed on Monday morning and therefore will NOT be ready for collection on a Friday. 

Thorner surgery has now re-opened for patients to collect their medications 8.30 - 12.30 Monday to Friday.  

If you order via the NHS App, please wait for a text to notify you that your precription is ready for collection. The NHS App will state that your prescription has been processed, this is automatically updated within the NHS App when your prescription request has been actioned but has not yet been dispensed.

Both Collingham and Thorner sites close on all public holidays. Information regarding local pharmacies can be found here.


Our dispensary is available as a service to our patients who live more than one mile away from a chemist (e.g. Thorner/Bardsey/East Keswick/Scarcroft patients).

The dispensary is open from 08:10 to 18:30 at Collingham Monday to Friday (the telephone system is 08:00 - 18:00 at Collingham)  

Thorner dispensary is open 08.30am to 12.30 Monday to Friday. The late opening at Thorner on a Thursday evening 15.15 to 18.15 is currently suspended.  

All other patients will need to use local pharmacies of their choice - please Click Here to view a list of your local pharmacies

Collingham Church View Surgery 28 day prescribing policy

The NHS recognises that a 28-day repeat prescribing interval makes the best possible balance between patient convenience, good medical practice and minimal drug wastage. 
The British Medical Association notes that “Prescribing intervals should be in line with the medically appropriate needs of the patient, taking into account the need to safeguard NHS resources, patient convenience, and the dangers of excess drugs in the home.” The benefits of 28-day prescribing include: 
• Reducing the amount of medicine which is currently wasted when your doctor stops or changes your medicine. 
• Reducing the potential for error when your medication is changed in the middle of supply. 
• Increased safety as you will not have multiple containers of the same medicine meaning it is likely to reduce the number of potential mistakes made in taking medicines and it will also reduce the risk of potential poisoning of young children. 
• Many medicines are supplied in 28-day packs, allowing you to check that you have taken your medication each day. You will start and finish the container of each medicine on the same day of the week, meaning it will be easier for your doctor to review all of the repeat medicines you are taking and to see when you have not ordered your medicines. 
• Many patients have to make several visits each month to their surgery because they have run out of their medicines at different times. With 28-day prescribing you should finish your medicines all at the same time, meaning you will only have to visit the surgery once a month to collect your repeat medicines. It will also reduce the likelihood of needing to make an emergency request if you run out of medicine. 
• Financial losses due to medicines waste represent a direct loss to patient care. Since 28-day prescribing reduces medicines waste, this in turn has a positive impact on patient care. 
Studies in the UK and abroad have shown significant savings and a reduction in waste with 28-day prescribing. 
Collingham Church View Surgery GPs will provide you with a prescription for your regular medications for a 28 day interval. For medicines that are taken “as required” or for short term therapies the quantity may be less than 28 days. 
The majority of patients collecting repeat prescriptions do not pay prescription charges; therefore there will be no difference to these patients in terms of cost due to 28-day prescribing. 
If you do have to pay prescription charges, then it will be beneficial for you to buy an NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC) –